YearEnders: Sarah Boutin

1)The Black Keys – “Brothers”
I hadn’t heard of this band in till this year. My friend made me listen to “tighten up” and i fell in love with this band. I Can’t Believe its just two guys. Its not one of those cds were you like a couple of songs and skip the rest, you fall for every song.

2)Mumford and son – “Sigh No More”
The unique sound and amazing lyrics make it one of my new favorite CD’s.

3)Weezer – “Hurley” Switching labels was the best thing they could have done. This definitely makes up for Raditude. They came back to their amazing sound rather then the stupid pop rock they did on that last album also “memories” is an amazing song.

4)Band Of Horses – Infinite arms
3 years spent waiting well worth it! Ben Bridwell’s voice makes this album and this band amazing.The song “on my way back to you” gives me chills every time.

5)Warpaint – “The Fool”
Haven’t really heard anything like them before. Love “set your arms down”. Best female Rockers around!

6)Two door cinema club – tourist history” This album is amazing. Alex Trimble vocals are so good!

7)Ra Ra Riot- “the orchard”
Kind of a mixture of death cab for cutie and vampire weekend.

8)Big Echo-“big echo”
you can tell they really poured their heart and soul into this album

9)Arcade Fire – “The suburbs”
Another Hit!!!

10)American Bang.”wild and young” perfect road trip song!