New Releases

Low Anthem – Smart Flesh
It’s too bad the Foo Fighters already called an album “Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace,” because that title perfectly describes the new effort by the Low Anthem. To record the follow-up to 2008’s buzz-building “Oh My God, Charlie Darwin,” this Rhode Island-based folk-rock outfit set up shop in a former pasta-sauce factory outside Providence; the group’s goal was to capture an explicitly handcrafted vibe not much in vogue in these days of Pro Tools and Auto-Tune. Read the Full Review on LA Times

Adele – 21
Somewhere in 21, there is an honest, direct, sonically mature record fighting to get out with personality intact. You never would have guessed that a quirky bossa nova cover of the Cure’s “Lovesong” would work, but it does. Read the full review on the Guardian

G-Love – Fixin’ to Die
The enigmatically smooth and uber-cool Garrett “G. Love” Dutton has always ninja’d a few small red herrings of country and classic Americana into his famed and now nearly flawless meld of hip hop and blues, but there was always the sense that he was unwilling (unable?) to outwardly throw it into his mix. Turns out, it took the nudging of Seth and Scott Avett (better known at the Avett Brothers) to get him to really turn it out, and when they got into the studio with him to produce “Fixin’ to Die” after sharing the stage together at last year’s Summer Camp Music Festival in Illinois, they ended up helming one of the most important albums of G’s career. Read Full Review on Sacramento Press