Pure Pop Record Store Day Arrivals #1

Alright, here we go.

Remember, Phish Junta-Friday Night at Midnight.

Everything else available at opening at 10am on Saturday.

No advantage for being early or first in line, we will do a random draw for line order for both the Phish & 10am Saturday.

1st time thru line at 10am, you are allowed to select 2 items til the initial line is cleared, then you can come back for more.

Here are some items that have arrived:

(big list, so I will use a bit of shorthand, please go to recordstoreday.com for more info)

Baseball Project-7″

Rockabye Baby-Smiths-12″

Luther Dickinson-78rpm

Ralph Stanley-78 rpm

Hiss Golden Messenger 7″

Crosses 7″

CSC Funk Band 7″

Stax 7″ Box Set

The Right Now 7″

Electronic Anthology Project -Dino Jr cd/12″/purple12″

Bowerbirds 7″

Winterboys 7″

Ryan Adams 7″

Rosie Thomas/Sufjan Stevens 7″

VA Sacred Bones Lp

Richard Thompson 7″

Tallest Man on Earth 12″

Civil Wars cd

Civil Wars 7″

Widespread Panic LP

Futurebirds 12″

Priscilla Ahn 7″

Slightly Stoopid 7″

Preteen Zenith 12″

Genesis 12″

Bill Evans 10″

Chris Crofton LP

Bonnie Prince Billy 10″

LCD Soundsystem 12″

M83 7″

Peter Tosh picture 10″

Lou Reed Transformer LP reissue

Iggy Stooges live picture Lp

Public Image Ltd 12″

VA-Arts & Crafts LP

Joan Baez -reissue LP

Larry Coryell -reissue LP

Miles Davis LP

Death Grips LP

Buddy Guy reissue LP

Skip James reissue LP

Janis Joplin LP

Janis Joplin pearl reissue LP

The Knack live Ep

Mae Lp

Miss. John Hurt reissue LP

Ozzy Osbourne live Lp

Pistol Annies LP

Iggy Pop Raw Power reissue LP

Lou Reed Rock n Roll Animal reissue LP

Paul Simon Graceland reissue LP

Skaggs & Rice LP

Uncle Tupelo reissue LP(2 titles)

Townes Van Zandt LP

Matt Nathanson cd

Sara Bareilles 7″

Black Angels 7″

Black Prarie 7″

David Bowie 7’++

Brad 7″

Coldplay 7″

Dry the River 7″

Foster the People 7″

Lemuria 7″

Ozzy Osbourne 7″

Shuggie Otis 7″

Buck Owens 7″

Katy Perry 7″

Iggy Pop 7″++

Receiving End of Sirens 7″

Roxy Music 7″++

Bruce Springsteen 7″

Uncle Tupelo 7″ box

Walk the Moon 7″

Battles 12″

Leonard Cohen EP

Joey Ramone

Gonna take a breather, more in a couple of hours.





New Metal

Here’s some new stuff in our metal section. Come down and give it a listen!

Napalm DeathUtilitarian

Napalm Death has been around forever, although their lineup nowadays includes no original members and they sound quite different. Utilitarian is the closest they’ve moved to their early grindcore sound in years. It is solid, crushing, intense death metal with little punk-isms here and there. John Zorn also makes a little appearance.


Check this out if you like Carcass, Cattle Decapitation, and Obituary



Eluveitie is Eluveitie and always will be. Hailing from Switzerland, these guys weave the traditions of their native land into their music using folk instruments, traditional melodies and structures, and re-telling of the myths and tales endemic to the alpine world the band comes from. If you’ve heard any of their albums, you’ve pretty much heard them all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t sound good.

Check this out if you like Tyr, Korpiklaani, and Ensiferum


In FlamesSounds of a Playground Fading

In Flames is one of the most successful groups to come out of Sweden since ABBA. Accordingly, their sound has shifted from straight up melo-death early on to now a more pop-oriented alt sound. In this new niche, they excel, and Sounds of a Playground Fading is yet another solid outing from these Scandinavian legends.

Check this out if you like Dark Tranquility, Children of Bodom, Soilwork

Black Friday releases at Pure Pop

Opening at 10 A.M

We will have a random draw for the order of the line at 10.  Please do not arrive super early hoping to be first in the line.

We do not pre-reserve any items for Black Friday/Record Store day.

If you can’t make it down on Friday, you may call starting at 12 noon to see if we still have the item you desire & we will hold it for 24 hours.

Here is the list of the items we will have available.  For more info on the releases, you can visit recordstoreday.com.

311 Grassrots LP

Black Belles  7″

Civil Wars 10″

Crowded House cd/dvd

Flat Duo Jets  LP.

Jeff the Brotherhood 7″

Julian Velard  cd

Lauren Sheara  cd

Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams lp

Milk Carton Kids  cd/lp

Peter Hook  cd

Pinback 7″

Rival Sons 12″

Sharon Jones cd/lp

Boris cd

NIck Lowe 7″/10″

Black Face 7″

Helms Alee  cassette

Los Straitjackets  7″

Fleshtones 7″

Tom Ze LP

Phish  Party Time LP

Brendan Benson lp

Kings of Leon  Lp box

Ryan Adams 7″

All that Remains  7″

Syd Barrett  Book/7″

Beatles 7″ box

Doors 7″ box

Bob Dylan 7″ box

Janis Joplin 7″ box

Pink Floyd 7″ box

Craig Finn 7″

Trampled by Turtles 7″

Miles Davis lp

Nirvana singles box

Sea Wolf 7″

Silversun Pickups 10″

Pete Townshend  10″

Soundgarden 10″

Warren Haynes 12″

John Cale cd

Best Coast cd

Black Keys 12″

Dr Dog 7″

Justin Townes Earle 7″

Matisyahu 7″

Fear 7″

Jimmy Cliff 12″

Dream Theater  lp

Iron & Wine lp

Phish white lp

Grateful Dead lp

Chris Cornell lp

Beach Fossils lp

Wilco 10″

Red Hot Chili Peppers lp

Tom Petty lp

Mobb Deep cd

That’s it , I think.

ps Rolling Stones 7″ is coming but late , will probably arrive some time next week.


Hurricane not exciting enough? These albums might make your life a little more awesome…

Washed Out — Within & Without

Washed Out’s second full-length album, Within & Without, doesn’t only feature a cuddly stock photograph from a recent issue of Cosmopolitan, but contains dreamy, crisply executed sleepy synth to match. Even though the sound veers on the slow electronic / shoegazy side, it isn’t empty candy pop like *ahem* The Pains of Being Pure At Heart by any means. Soft and intimate like its awesomely pretty cover art (I actually like it a lot even though it was in that silly magazine), this album is super creative and sexy. Despite all of these positive feelings I have for the album, it does sound like the soundtrack of Williamsburg, Brooklyn’s hipster scene. Proof of this is that you can also hear the entire album if you hang out in Urban Outfitters for a couple hours.


Smith Westerns – Dye It Blonde

There was no bigger fan of Smith Western’s self-titled debut album than this girl right here – and though I was late to get on the train, I rode it all the way into late 2010, when “Dye It Blonde” was released. DIB is great, albeit considerably less “garage” and gritty than album numero uno. The boys are also 17 year old jerks on and off stage, so the thought of them sweetly pining for little teenage ladies as much as they do on this album sounds kinda gross. There are two different schools of boy swoonage in my opinion. #1: I’m James Dean and I’m going to act aloof but secretly think you’re pretty hot…let’s hang out behind the school ifyaknowhatImean and #2: I’m not ashamed of being twee and sickeningly in love with you…can you see these hearts popping above my head? Can we share a rootbeer float and stare into each other’s eyes after school? Whereas the Smith Westerns assumed the former attitude in their self-titled, Dye It Blonde is representin’ over the latter.  All background info aside, the new LP is fun, young and super glam (they sing about being all of these things proudly…kinda like MGMT flaunts their reckless, glittery youth).  As another band frequently played on Urban’s speakers, you know it’s at least excellent for bopping around to.


Black Lips – Arabia Mountain

Another rambunctious group of young men, The Black Lips are one of my favorite bands ever. The hobbies of these guys include making awesome garage-y rock music and not-giving-a-general-sh** what you think as long as it’s really fun and involves beer (especially onstage, where they are known to make out with each other or indecently exposure themselves to swooning/moshing fans). Arabia Mountain is relatively more produced than albums past (thanks to famous dude Mark Ronson), but as long as they keep singing about superheroes and wild tomfoolery, I’m always gonna be hardcore crushin’ these bad kids.  I mean just check out this video…it’s a few minutes of an entire cruise that was just a lineup of rock acts like Vivian Girls, Ty Segall, etc…sailing from Florida to the Bahamas on a boat with a water park, laser tag, puppet show over banana pancake breakfast, etc. Eleven year olds forever and ever…

P.S: Guess where you can hear these album all the way through? Urban Outfitters! I only point that out because although “Arabia Mountain” is smart and fun,  it’s also accessible.


Michael Ian Black (stand-up comedy) – Very Famous

Raunchy! We had this playing in the store for a few tracks. Michael C. (Head Dude of Pure Pop) and I were red in the face from laughing, but the talk got a little dirty and therefore a little awkward for the kids browsing around in here. Nevertheless, if you love Stella, Wet Hot American Summer, anything to do with “The State” comedy troupe or general little boy humor, this CD was made for you. If you have no idea what any of the aforementioned are, Michael Ian Black was the funniest guy on VH1’s I Love The 80’s and I Love the 90’s series, delivering sarcastic commentary completely deadpan. Bonus!!! You can see this guy in person at Higher Ground on Saturday, October 15th.


New Metal

Check these new albums out in the headbanger listening station

DecapitatedCarnival is Forever
Polish tech-death metallers Decapitated are back at it after 5-year hiatus inflicted by a bus crush, the death of their drummer, and the near dissolution of the band occurring thereafter. They still sound heavy as hell, but with a slightly different approach which incorporates more prog influences from bands like Meshuggah. Overall, a good comeback. Looking forward to more.

Check this out if you like Vader, Death, and Necrophagist



AlestormBack Through Time
In a world where power and folk metal are dominated by the cheese of bands who wish they were vikings or medieval dragon-slayers, it’s refreshing for a band to essentially satire everything about the scene. Alestorm is a group of Scottsmen who base their sound on pirates. It’s the ultimate in cheesiness, but in all the right ways. If you haven’t heard anything else by them, Back Through Time would be a fine introduction.

Check this out if you like Ensiferum, Tyr, and Swashbuckle

What’s New @ PP

Scattered TreesSympathy

A deep, heart-wrenching, lyrically driven album. Stripped down and to the point, but with beautiful, unique sounds throughout. A truly therapeutic and emotional album. Watch this video and try not to laugh.



The HorrorsSkying

This album verges on the side of trippy. Lots of synths and filters here, paired with some very airy vocals. Reminiscent of some 80s classics. Nice touches  of feedback and reverb sprinkled in. Take a look at this cool vid!



Archers of LoafIcky Mettle

This reissue is packed with all the short, catchy tunes you may or may not have listened to back in yester-year. Lo-fi and nostalgic – it’s alt. rock at it’s best. Very garage-y and fuzzy. Don’t miss it this time around! (check out this old-school video below, it’s an oldie but a goodie!)



New Metal

Here’s some new stuff in the Headbanger listening station. Come in and check it out!

These Dutch tech death behemoths have been at it a long time. Doctrine is the much anticipated follow up to their 2009 comeback release Resurrection Macabre. Here, we see them changing their style up a bit, notably in the vocal department, where Patrick Mameli explores the extent of what his voice can do. It’s a nice breath of fresh for a band that’s been around 20+ years.

Check this out if you like Immolation, Atheist, and Deicide


A mainstay (or rather, the centerpiece) of the Brazilian metal scene, Sepultura have been making music consistently since 1986, never skipping a beat. Kairos continues where A-Lex left off, but also acts as an exploration into the band’s 25-year history. Fans of any of the band’s eras, from the death metal of the ’80s to Cavalera’s leadership, will find something to enjoy in this one.

Check this out if you like Soulfly, Machine Head, and Pantera


TriviumIn Waves
Most metalheads have either a love or hate relationship with Trivium. They are, for all intents and purposes, entry-level metal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be good. For newbies to the genre, In Waves (and the rest of their catalogue) is a great place to start, but even the experienced listener won’t be totally turned off by this album.

Check this out if you like The Black Dahlia Murder, All That Remains, and Killswitch Engage

New Releases

Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, the band’s fifth ‘proper’ album (and first since 2007’s All Of A Sudden…) makes a mockery of claims that the band are mere peddlers of music that has been done better before, either by others or themselves. Suggestions that the band basically deal in the same sonic material served up by, say, Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor are both lazy and misleading. Sure, there are elements that connect these (and many more) groups, relationships that can be usefully mapped out, but they all have their own distinctive voices. “Voice” is the right word to use here because it is largely the absence of voice (i.e., of “songs” or “lyrics”) that prompts the comparisons in the first place. But to say that one instrumental rock-informed group drawn to lengthy mood pieces is the equivalent of another is like saying that one jazz group is like another, or that composers of classical music are somehow all the same. Read the full review on Tiny Mix Tapes

Emmylou Harris – Hard Bargain
Because Hard Bargain contains enough uptempo material for contrast, the album’s ballads don’t blur together as they have on some of Harris’s recent records, which makes it easier to appreciate them on their own merits. “Lonely Girl” is a stunning mood piece, while “Dear Kate” pays homage to the late Kate McGarrigle, Harris’s longtime friend and collaborator. Though she’s always been known first and foremost as a song interpreter, Harris’s songwriting here is especially sharp. The gently rollicking “Home Sweet Home” boasts an unconventional melody that heightens the song’s overall sense of displacement, while the ballad “My Name is Emmett Till” finds Harris singing from the point of view of the young African American boy killed for violating the unspoken laws of the Jim Crow-era South. It’s the empathy in Harris’s writing and her intuitive, sensitive phrasing that keep the song from becoming maudlin or cloying. Read the full review on Slant

Prefuse 73 – The Only She Sounds
The Only She Chapters sounds inebriated. Each snare hit has a tail of diminishing echoes, and each ping of a sample is followed by a ripple of overtones. The diversity of rhythms is on par, but each one is unfurled at a snail’s pace. Melodies peak around the usual backdrop pastiche, but they are swaying amidst the drowsily nodding tempos. “The Only Valentine’s Day Failure” sounds like a King Tubby 45 at 33 RPMs. The eddying vocal samples of “The Only Serenidad” must have been created with the audio equivalent of a slowly rotating Paint ’n’ Swirl. During “The Only Trial of 9000 Suns”, the late Trish Keenan (R.I.P.) sounds less like the aloof retro-pop princess she was than that confusing final conversation you had leaving the bar with the pretty girl in the tangerine dress. Read the full review on Dusted

Prefuse 73

Record Store Day Arrivals #5

My Morning Jacket Evil Urges picture LP

My Morning Jacket  Z picture LP

Paul Simon  So Beautiful or So What LP

Robbie Roberts How to Become Clairvoyant LP

Dengue Fever  Cannibal Courtship LP

Duff McKagen  Loaded LP

Matt Costa  Songs we Sing LP

Fistful of Mercy 7″

Freelance Whales/Foals split 7″

A Day to Remember 7″

Red Fang (colored LP)

The Kills 10″

Rhymesayers label comp picture LP

Deerhoof Friend Opportunity  Dlx LP

Ubiquity 12″ #1

Ubiquity 12″ #3

Rancid  Let the Dominoes Fall Dlx LP Box

Tribute to Guided by Voices CD

Crowded House Live CD & LP

Lindstrom Remix/Bear in Heaven 12″

Akron/Family 2LP

Syd Barrett Introduction LP

Off! 7″

Vanguard Lost Psychedelic LP

Beth Ditto LP

Beach Boys mono EP

Adele 10″

Bruce Springsteen 10″

Decemberists Live CD

Jimi Hendrix Fire 7″

Parlophone 7′ Box Set

AC/DC 7″

Ozzy Osbourne 7″

Jimi Hendrix tribute cd single

Peter Tosh (7’Jamaican colors)

In this Moment cd single

Michael Jackson 7″

Raphael Saadiq 7″

Roy Orbison 7″

Cults 7″

Manchester Orchestra 7″

All right.  I think that is it.  Small forest of cardboard in our back room.

Twilight Sad Demos Cassette

Wavves /Trash Talk split 7″

Superchunk/Coliseum split 7′

Skysaw 7″

Ryan Adams double 7″

Civil Wars  Dance Me 7″

Pinback 7″

Tres Mts LP


Record Store Day Arrivals #4

Ate some food.  Ready to go thru boxes.

Matt & Kim 7″

Deerhunter 7″

New Pornographers 7″

David’s Town (various) Lp

Esben & the Witch -Ep

Arthur Russell World of Echo (Lp reissue)

Anberlin-Cities Lp

Kode 9 & Scapeape 12″

Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard of Oz (Lp reissue)

Ozzy Osbourne Diary of a Madman (Lp reissue)

John Hammond So Many Roads (Lp reissue)

Nickel Creek  This Side Lp

Dom 10″

Nickel Creek self titled Lp

Nickel Creek  Why Should the Fire Die Lp

Bob Dylan Live Brandeis Lp

Pearl Jam  Vs Lp reissue

Pearl Jam Vitalogy Lp reissue

Foo Fighters  Medium Rare Lp

Sonic Youth Whores Moaning Lp

Rolling Stones -Brown Sugar 7″

Queen -Keep Yourself Alive 7″

New York Dolls 7″

Toadies 7″

Duran Duran 7″

Nathaniel Rateliff 7″

Derek & The Dominos 7″

Tron/Daft Punk Picture 10″

New York Dolls – Dancing backward in high heels Lp

Lady Gaga Picture 12”

Hollywood Undead Picture Lp

Nirvana Hormoaning Lp

James Blake S/T Lp

Peter,Bjorn & John 7″

Steve Earle 7″

Flogging Molly 7″

Fela Kuti 7″

Dennis Coffey 7″

Rise Against 7″

Laura Marling Dharohar Project & Mumford & Sons 10″

My Morning Jacket -It Still Moves Picture Lp

Dio – Killing the Dragon Picture Lp

Ray Lamontagne – Live Ep

Between the Buried and Me Lp

Kill Rockstars Live 1991 Comp. Lp