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We are now selling t-shirts in 5 colors(black,grey,pink,red and purple) for $18.

Come and get them!

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So we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary at the start of next year.  As a promotion, we will be highlighting each year we have been open for a limited time, starting with 1980.

Check out the special year by year section (new & used/cd &vinyl) that has been carved out just as you enter the store.  All new cd/vinyl in the 1980 section will be 15% off regular price.

For fun & possible inspiration, listed below are some employee favorites from albums released in 1980.  Please submit your own top list in the comment section below or on the matching facebook post.  We give out a $15 gift certificate to 2 random people who post their favorites.

Mike C

1.Roky Erickson and the Aliens(self-titled)
2.Talking Heads Remain In Light
3.X Los Angeles
4.XTC Black Sea
6.Dire Straits Making Movies
7.Devo  Freedom of Choice
8.Pete Townshend  Empty Glass
9.Bob Marley  Uprising
10.Soft Boys  Underwater Moonlight

Mike B

1.John Foxx Metamatic
2.K. Leimer Closed Systems Potential
3.Various Artists Wanna Buy a Bridge?
4.John Hassell / Brian Eno Fourth World Vol. 1 – Possible Musics
5.B.G. Gilbert / G. Lewis 3R4
6.Curlew Curlew
7.Talking Heads Remain in Light
8.Cabaret Voltaire Voice of America
9.Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station
10.Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth


1.Dead Kennedys Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
2.The Cramps Songs the Lord Taught Us
3.Ramones End of the Century
4.Motörhead Ace of Spades
5.Angel Witch Angel Witch
6.Judas Priest British Steel
7.X Los Angeles
8.Black Friday Jealous Again
9.Circle Jerks Group Sex
10.Iron Maiden Iron Maiden


1.Talking Heads Remain in Light
2.Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac Live
3.Billy Joel Glass Houses
4.Bruce Springsteen The River
5.Hall & Oats Voices


1.Steely Dan Gaucho
2.Joy Division Closer
3.Prince Dirty Mind
4.Soft Boys Underwater Moonlight
5.The B-52’s Wild Planet
6.Talking Heads Remain in Light
7.Feelies Crazy Rhythms
8.Dire Straits Making Movies
9.Young Marble Giants Colossal Youth
10.Devo Freedom of Choice



Rhino “Start Your Ear Off Right” vinyl with Free Poster

Special vinyl releases on Tuesdays in January

Get a free 2019 calendar with purchase of any of the following.


Television-Adventure-red vinyl
Alice Cooper-Greatest Hits-silver vinyl
Aretha Franklin-Aretha’s Gold-gold vinyl
Monkees-Greatest Hits-orange vinyl


Jimmy Rogers All-Stars-Blues Blues Blues
ZZ Top-El Loco-pink vinyl
Gram Parsons-GP-with 7″ single
Crosby,Stills,Nash & Young-So Far-white vinyl
ZZ Top-Tejas-purple vinyl


Joni Mitchell-Blue-blue vinyl
Little Village-Little Village-blue vinyl
Grateful Dead-Skeletons From the Closet-white vinyl
Warren Zevon-Warren Zevon


Buffalo Springfield-Buffalo Springfield-mono
Buffalo Springfield-Buffalo Springfield Again-mono
Lupe Fiasco-Lasers-red vinyl
Ramones-Road to Ruin-blue vinyl

contact us about pre-ordering or reserving a copy of any of these titles



New Releases 2/9/18

Sale priced items

  • Mgmt Little Dark Age cd $12.49 vinyl $32.38
  • The Wombats Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life  cd $12.49 vinyl $21.58
  • Soundtrack Fifty Shades Freed cd $13.49
  • Franz Ferdinand Always Ascending cd $12.49 vinyl $22.48
  • Palm Rock Island cd $12.49 vinyl $14.38
  • Wild Child Expectations cd $12.49 vinyl $23.38
  • Wade Bowen Solid Ground cd $11.99
  • Brian Fallon Sleepwalkers cd $13.49 vinyl $21.68
  • Ezra Furman Transangelic Exodus cd $16.49 vinyl $27.88
  • Joan As Police Woman Damned Devotion cd $16.49 vinyl $27.88
  • Melody Gardot Live In Europe cd $18.49 vinyl $44.98
  • Good Tiger We Will All Be Gone cd $12.49 vinyl $25.18
  • Harms Way Posthuman cd $12.49 vinyl $25.18
  • Insane Warrior(RJD2) cd $12.99
  • Black Panther Music from & inspired from film cd $14.99


Other titles:


  • Twin Peaks Sweet ’17 Singles vinyl
  • Mark D
  • Soft Moon cd/vinyl
  • Robert Plant live DVD
  • Chris Hillman compilation cd
  • Dashboard Confessional cd/vinyl
  • Ramones reissue vinyl (3 titles)
  • Offspring reissue vinyl
  • Shovels & Rope compilation vinyl
  • Insects VS Robots vinyl
  • Fu Manchu vinyl
  • Screeching Weasel reissue vinyl


  • Nina Simone compilation cd/vinyl
  • Dr John reissue vinyl
  • Jamie Saft cd


  • Insane Warrior(RJD2) vinyl


  • Brigid Mae Power vinyl


  • Jonny Greenwood Phantom Thread cd
  • Danny Elfman DC Justice League vinyl
  • Johann Johannsson The Mercy vinyl
  • Jed Kurzel Babadook vinyl


  • Gogo Penguin cd/vinyl


  • Natalia Lafourcade cd
  • Bobby Digital vinyl reissue
  • Lloyd Parks vinyl reissue



Enter Your Top 5 Favorites of 2016!


Music hounds! It’s that time of year once again, when we pore over the phenomenal releases or reissues of 2016 (and there were LOTS) to select le creme de la creme.

Enter your top five favorite records with some brief descriptions, and we’ll post your musings here. Let us know about your favorite tracks also for inclusion in what’s sure to be the Awesomist Playlist Of All Time. 2016 itself may not have felt like halcyon days, but the recordings have been undoubtedly wondrous.

Entrants will also be entered for a randomly selected drawing for a Pure Pop gift certificate, so get on that keyboard clackity clack! Submit to [email protected] to share your magic.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

-Your Friends at Pure Pop

Black Friday/Record Store Day 2018

Still plenty of exclusive limited titles are available including the Phish title.  Contact us thru the website album request to inquire about availability of titles and/or purchasing online thru paypal.

Record Store Day/Black Friday is November 23

Check out twitter starting Wednesday morning, #RSDPurePop, for pricing/quantity questions.  Will start pricing stuff at 9am on Wednesday, will try to check in every hour or so.

What goes on at Black Friday/RSD at Pure Pop?

First, there are many exclusive/limited releases, for more info you can check out recordstoreday.com

Second, there is a sale on all other items in the store

10% off new vinyl/new books

15% off used vinyl/new cds/tapes/dvds/etc

20% off used cds/dvd/tapes

So how do I get my hands on my favorite RSD release?

Well, there will be a line. It won’t be as big as the main RSD in April but there is a Phish title, so expect some people. Below is a general explanation of how the day will work.

Pure Pop opens at 10am on Friday the 23rd. We will be collecting wish lists at 9am sharp – make sure to get yours in by then! If there are only a couple of releases you really want, we DO NOT recommend trying to be the first in line – it won’t make a difference if you fill out a wish list. As long as you’re here no later than 8:55am with your wishlist, you have just as much a chance as anyone else to get the one or two releases that you want. If you want 7 things really, really badly, then we suggest getting to Pure Pop early so you can be the first in line to get in. There is usually already a small line around 6:30am or so. Besides the two items on your wishlist, everything else is first come, first serve. WE DO NOT DO PRE-ORDERS OR HOLDS PRIOR TO RSD titles. This is just general nationwide RSD policy.

So, what’s a wish list? In order for us to try to get you the release you want, we have a “wish list” – you fill out up to 8 releases that you want in order of how much you want them (1 being: you’d kill to get it, 8 being: you wouldn’t be torn up if you missed it). We collect the wish lists at 9am sharp and shuffle them. Starting from the random wish list on the top of the pile, we pick out the top 2 items you wrote down that are available and hold it for you, so you’re guaranteed to get at least something on your list. BUT we cannot guarantee everyone will get their #1 and #2 choices. We have a very limited supply of RSD releases! As we go through the lists and things sell out, we move on to the #3, #4, #5 choices and so on.

Here’s an example of how the wish list works: Say we get 10 copies of the Grateful Dead vinyl. Johnny’s wish list is 20th in the pile of randomly shuffled lists and the Grateful Dead vinyl is at the top of his list. Before we get to Johnny’s list however, ten other people had the Grateful Dead on their top 2 and we put them aside for those lucky people, so we are now sold out of the Grateful Dead. Sorry Johnny, but we’ll have to move on to your number 2 and 3 on the list instead. Even though Johnny didn’t get his number 1 pick, at least he got his 2nd and 3rd! and since it was really up to pure chance, he’s not too bummed and didn’t waste time by lining up outside the store at 3am.


Printable wishlist here

Pure Pop tries to get as many titles as possible, but we cannot guarantee any title will be here until it arrives. We will have most of the official RSD titles when we open at 10am. Feel free to contact us about a specific item or any other issue by calling 802-658-2652 or email [email protected], twitter #RSDPurePop

See you on Friday at 9am!!!

Recommended New Releases: Dengue Fever, Punch Bros., Gov’t Mule

Dengue Fever – The Deepest Lake
The album kicks off with “Tokay,” a song packed with a thumping bassline, an ancient-sounding keyboard and singer Chhom Nimol singing in Cambodian. As Dengue Fever slowly builds up the tension, adding percussion, a horn, and a string section, Nimol’s singing gets more impassioned. This was the song that caught me off guard, turning me on to their music. But it’s only the beginning.

Things keep getting added as the album progresses: on “No Sudden Moves,” for example, Nimol bursts into a rap before segueing into a twangy guitar solo, layers of horns, and a bassline worthy of Jah Wobble. Meanwhile, on “Ghost Voice”, they go for a mellower 60s pop sound, with a twirling guitar line, strings and David Ralicke’s low-rumbling saxophone. Read the full review on Bearded Gentlemen Music

Punch Bros – The Phosphorescent Blues
Whether or not these Punch Brothers still feel young now, only they can say. But they certainly sound young. Though each group member has been involved with music since childhood, none of their compositional energy and creativity has diminished whatsoever. The same can be said for The Phosphorescent Blues, the band’s fourth full-length. Like its predecessor, the album finds these lads continuing to push themselves compositionally, all the while maintaining that crucial balance between the cerebral and emotional aspects of their music. Read the full review on Glide Magazine

Gov’t Mule – Sco-mule
Sco-Mule isn’t a jazz album by any standard definition; it rocks way too hard for that. Still, with Scofield’s intuitive way of taking the music ever so slightly out, only to bring it back in again with the kind of effortless aplomb he’s developed in a career now entering its fifth decade as the guitarist moves into his mid- sixties, Sco-Mule ain’t your typical jam band album either. Instead, it sits somewhere in-between, with everyone forgetting about artificial delineation. Sco- Mule is, quite simply, great songs played by a terrific group that may have been performing live for the first time, but was already imbued with a profound connection that went deeper and broader than any one genre. Read the full review on All About Jazz

Cassette Store Day


Tomorrow, September 27th, is Cassette Store Day!! Stop in to grab an exclusive CSD release!

ALSO **all** of our regular non-CSD cassette’s will be on sale (new and used). Check out the list below of what CSD releases we have in stock and check out their website for more info: http://cassettestoreday.us/

See you tomorrow!

Adolescents – The Complete Demos 1980-1986 (Burger/Frontier Records)
Kurt Braunohler – How Do I Land? (Kill Rock Stars)
Cymbals Eat Guitar – Lose (Barsuk Records)
Enslaved – Riitiir (Nuclear Blast)
Exodus Exhibit – B: The Human Condition (Nuclear Blast)
The Golden Dawn – Power Plant (Burger Records)
Robyn Hitchcock – The Man Upstairs (Yep Roc Records)
King Bitch – Lost in the Party: The Best of King Bitch (Infinity Cat Recordings)
Mutual Benefit – Love’s Crushing Diamond (Other Music Recording Co.)
Natural Child – Live in Birmingham (Burger Records)
Chuck Prophet – Night Surfer (Yep Roc Records)
Suffocation – Pinnacle of Bedlam (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – Dark Roots of Earth (Nuclear Blast)
Testament – The Formation of Damnation (Nuclear Blast)
They Might Be Giants – They’ll Need A Crane (Idlewild Recordings) 
They Might Be Giants – (She Was A) Hotel Detective (Idlewild Recordings)
1349 – Massive Cauldron of Chaos (Season of Mist)
Torres – S/T
Townes Van Zandt – S/T (Burger Records)
Various Artists – Friends and Family Vol. 1 (Northern Spy Records)
Various Artists – Friends and Family Vol. 2 (Northern Spy Records)
Various Artists – Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell (Yep Rock Records)
Weedeater – …And Justice for All (Season of Mist)
Weedeater – Sixteen Tons (Season of Mist)

Our RSD 2014 Stock List

Here is the current list of what we’ve received so far for Record Store Day 2014. We will only be posting artists and formats so please cross reference with:

The Official Record Store Day List

This will be the master post for our RSD stock so be sure to bookmark this post and to check back regularly!


  • ††† 10”
  • Ab-Soul 7”
  • Action Bronson 7”
  • Alvarius B LP
  • Animals, The 10”
  • August Burns Red LP
  • Autumn Defense 7”
  • Bastille 10”
  • Beat Culture 7”
  • Bis 7”
  • Bis LP/7”
  • Black Lips 7”
  • Blitzen Tapper 7”
  • Bonobo 10”
  • Botch LP
  • Bowie, David (Childrens Music) LP
  • Bowie, David 7”
  • Bradley, Charles LP
  • Brian Jonestown Massacre LP
  • Bugg, Jake CD
  • Cake LP BOX
  • Cardinal LP
  • Chance The Rapper 7”
  • Chocolate Milk LP
  • Chromeo 7”
  • College LP
  • Common Ground 10” BOX
  • Cosmetics LP
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival 10”
  • Crystal Antlers 7”
  • Cults LP
  • Cut Copy 10”
  • De Lux 7”
  • Death Cab For Cutie LP
  • Deer Tick 7”
  • Deerhoof 7”
  • Dennen, Brett CD
  • Disclosure CD
  • Dispatch LP
  • Divergent CD
  • Django Django 7”
  • Dodos, The 7”
  • Dot Hacker 7”
  • Drive-By Truckers 10”
  • Eric B & Rakim 7”
  • Ex-Cult 7”
  • Fenixon LP
  • Fleetwood Mac 7”
  • Forsyth, Chris LP
  • FUN. 10”
  • Garbage w/ Brody Dalle 10”
  • Green Day CD/TAPE
  • Hawthorne, Mayer 7”
  • Heatmiser – Dead Air, Cop and Speeder, Yellow NO.5 TAPE
  • Heavens To Betsy LP
  • Il Sogno Del Marinaio 7”
  • J. Spacemen LP
  • Jaded Inc. 7”
  • JB LP
  • Jones, Glenn LP
  • Jones, Sharon LP
  • Julie Ruin, The 7”
  • Jupiter LP
  • Just Friends 10”
  • Khruangbin 7”
  • Killyst LP
  • Kodaline 7”
  • Kode9 LP
  • Kuti, Fela 7”
  • La Coka Nostra 7”
  • Lake Street Dive 7”
  • Langhorne Slime & The Law 7”
  • Leithauser, Hamilton 7”
  • Lemon Heads LP
  • Lloyd, Charles 10”
  • Lydia Loveless 7”
  • Lynch, David LP
  • Lynn, Lera CD
  • Man Man LP
  • Matthews, Dave LP
  • Mayfield, Jessica Lea LP/CD/TAPE
  • Mazzy Star &”
  • Meadow Noise 7”
  • Medicine LP
  • Mel LP
  • Milk and Cookies 7”
  • Miller, James LP
  • Minor Forest LP
  • Molina, Jason 7” BOX
  • Montgomery 10”
  • Neon Trees 7”
  • Nirvana 7”
  • Of Montreal 7”
  • OFF! 7”
  • Oneohtrix Point Never LP
  • Paisley, Doug 7”
  • Paranorman LP
  • Parquet Courts 7”
  • Pastorius, Jaco CD
  • Pharoahe Monch 7” CD
  • Phosphorescent LP
  • Pinback LP
  • Pond, Bardo LP
  • Pujol 7”
  • Quantic 7”
  • Rush, Bobby LP
  • Sam Means Blue Jeans 7”
  • Scientist & Roots Radic LP
  • Scots 7”
  • Secret Sisters CD
  • Side By Side – ??? 7”
  • Skrillex TAPE
  • Snow, The 7”
  • Soundgarden 10” BOX
  • Specials, The 7
  • Spektor, Regina 7”
  • Stanglers, The 7”
  • Sunny Day Real Estate 7”
  • Tears For Fears 10”
  • Thievery Corporation 7”
  • Tontons CD
  • Turntable Football 7”
  • UN, The LP
  • V/A – Gauthier, Mary + Baker, Sam 7”
  • V/A – Oberst, Conor + Dawes 7”
  • V/A – Dance Mania 12”
  • V/A – Jam Up Twist 7” BOX
  • V/A – Nawa LP
  • V/A – Ninjatune & If Music LP
  • V/A – Sacred Bones LP
  • V/A – South Side Story Vol. 23 CD
  • V/A – Taang 7” BOX
  • V/A – The Space Project 7”
  • V/A – William Onyebour LP
  • V/A Easy Sound Recordings NO. 1, 2, 3 7”
  • Van Vliet, Don LP
  • VanGaalen, Chad 7”
  • Veruca Salt 10”
  • Villagers 7”
  • Vitamin String Quartet LP
  • Walker, Butch 10”
  • Weller, Paul 7”
  • Wild Feathers 7”
  • Williams, Hank 10”
  • Wray, Link 7”
  • Yardbirds LP
  • Zappa, Frank 7”


  • Adventure Club 10”
  • Ammons, Albert 12”
  • Atmosphere 12”
  • Baez, Joan LP
  • BANKS 12”
  • Big Mama Thorton LP
  • Black Prairie LP
  • Bombino LP
  • Breadwinners LP
  • Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band LP
  • Bugg, Jake LP
  • Buried Alive LP
  • Childish Gambino LP
  • Chiodos 7”
  • Church, Eric LP
  • Clutch 7”
  • Cooke, Same LP
  • Court Yard Hounds LP
  • Croll, Dan LP
  • Czukay, Holger LP
  • Dessa LP
  • Doors, The LP
  • Dream Theater LP
  • Dresden Dolls, The LP
  • Earle, Steve LP
  • Earth Crisis LP
  • Emerald, Caro LP
  • Everly Brothers – Roots & Songs Our Daddy Taught Us LP
  • Fenech Solor 12”
  • Ferreira, Sky LP
  • Five Man Army 12”
  • Flaming Lips LP
  • Foals LP
  • Fred, Jacobs LP
  • Frightened Rabbit LP
  • Garcia, Jerry LP
  • Gojira LP
  • Grateful Dead LP
  • Greenbaum, Norman LP
  • Hathaway, Donny LP
  • Hüsker Dü LP
  • Jackson, Chuck LP
  • Jay-Z & Linkin Park LP
  • John Spencer Blues Explosion 12”
  • Johnny Cash LP
  • Joy Division 12”
  • July LP
  • Karma To Burn LP
  • Katatonia LP
  • Kaukonen, Jorma LP
  • Kramer, Wayne LP
  • Kriedler 12”
  • LCD Sound System BOX
  • Lewis, Meade “Lux” 12”
  • Liars 12”
  • Little Dragon LP
  • Many Faces of Oliver Hart LP
  • Mastodon LP
  • Moebius Neumeir Enger 12”
  • Motörhead LP
  • Muppet Movie LP
  • Neon Neon EP
  • Notorious B.I.G. LP
  • Ozric Tentacles LP
  • Pagans 12”
  • Paramore 12”
  • Parsons, Gram LP
  • Pastorius, Jaco LP
  • Perry, Katy LP
  • Pissed Jeans 12”
  • Pixies LP
  • Public Enemy LP
  • Pussy Galore LP
  • R.E.M. LP
  • Redding, Otis LP
  • Robotnick, Alexander LP
  • Rough Guide To African Blues, Mali, Latin Rare Groove, Psychedelic Baliwood, & Voodoo LP
  • Saturday Looks Good to Me S/T & Love Will find You LP
  • Schnaus, Ulrich 12”
  • School of Seven Bells LP
  • Scott Pilgrim VS. The World LP
  • Secret Sisters LP
  • Slipknot LP
  • Spanish Gold 7”
  • Spoon LP
  • Strife LP
  • Sun Ra LP
  • Supersonic LP
  • Surfer Blood LP
  • Tame Impala LP
  • The Birthday Party LP
  • The Field LP
  • Timbuktu, Imarhan LP
  • Type O Negative LP
  • United LP
  • V/A – Folk Box BOX
  • V/A – Inverted LP
  • V/A – Live From High Fidelity LP
  • V/A – Medical Records LP
  • V/A – Non Violent Femmes LP
  • V/A – South Side Story Vol. 23 LP
  • V/A – Sun Records Company Vol. 1 LP
  • Various Artists – The Space Project 12”/CD
  • Velvet Underground LP
  • Watson, Doc LP
  • West of Memphis LP
  • White Denim 7”
  • Winter, Johnny LP
  • Wizard of OZ LP
  • Xiu Xiu LP
  • Zombies, The S/T & Odessy & Oracle
  • Zoumbas, Alexis LP